Mozilla Sahyadri Events

We love conducting Events at Mozilla Sahyadri and have conducted a number of them over the past few months, including:

"Step Into a New World!" - AR/VR Workshop

This Workshop was an introduction to the world of Web VR/AR, in which, participants learnt about the basics of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, usage of VR Headsets, Tilt Brush, Jump, Blocks, 3D design and a lot more! We also recruited new members for Mozilla Campus Club: Sahyadri

AR/VR workshop conducted by Mozilla Sahyadri

Firefox Add-ons Workshop

An introduction to the world of Browser Add-Ons, in collaboration with ACM Mozilla Interest Group for Open Source, where participants from different colleges learnt to use, develop their own Browser Add-ons, Demo, overview of APIs, Review & publishing Add-Ons to AMO

Firefox Add-Ons Workshop conducted by Mozilla Sahyadri in collaboration with mozilla NITK
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